Friday, August 5, 2016

my mission....

should i choose to accept (remember the old series 'mission impossible'?) is to tackle THIS today....great mindless activity while watching olympic cermony tonight.

either that or it's get a new basket, which is not a good idea.  after a busy few days, will be nice to relax with rotary cutter, ruler and get this pile under control.  *** last night at guild was workshop with heather kojan and this cute little project bag many pretty ones...with all my fabric, you might have expected something flashier but confess didn't want to cut into my "good" fabric....LOL....and thought this would be appropriate, especially to get hauled around.   my hexie project has outgrown the little bag that vic made for me, so will get transferred to this one and the little red bag will become a home for something else.

already august 5th and time for more 365 blocks.   and have you thought about christmas yet?  i've got some gift ideas percolating...with the budget tight, gotta fire up the creative muse for some good ideas...  but first up, stock the larder! 


  1. Oh, I can totally relate to that basket full of potential! Have fun -- I'll bet you'll come up with all sorts of ideas for projects :) Good thing to do while watching the Olympics!

  2. I loved Mission Impossible--especially when the tape recorder would self destruct. What can I say, I was little, and easily impressed. : )
    I really like the fabrics you used on your bag--very appropriate for stitching projects.