Tuesday, July 12, 2016


just 2 more light blocks and it'll be back to the small, dark blocks--that'll be 72 in all that will be finished.  this is the most recent batch...and that pink/white bottom middle...oooohh vicious to piece i tell ya!  and my first block to do will be july 5th so one week behind....can't believe it!  have been sewing my fingers to the bone....seriously!  and the little blocks are so much quicker to piece obviously....even tho some of have lots of pieces.  ***  busy week here for a change with hot weather continuing every day.  in maine we have occasional hot days but never more than a week's worth, so it is a matter of just assuming that every day will be so.  have given up poring over the weather channel...lol!   nothing much to do but stay inside and sew, not really a hardship for me!   


  1. Do you cut pieces for a bunch of blocks and then sew them, or do one at a time?

    1. one at a time...too many pieces, would probably get misplaced in the pile of scraps...

  2. That pink/white block does look rather labor intensive. These blocks have a very fresh, summery feel to them. How appropriate while you "enjoy" hot weather every day. : )

  3. Yikes, that pink one is amazing! I put the AC on here today even in NH it is humid and in the 90's.

  4. These blocks are sooo cute ♥


  5. Cute blocks - the pink one is amazing - would love to see a closeup. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday