Saturday, July 16, 2016

a quick finish?

swapped out the quilt in the hoop for this little house wallhanging hoping for a quick finish....july is half over and must make sure at least one UFO gets's an homage to my first quilting teacher who had a shop called "the red door country store," and still have scraps of some of her fabrics someplace, whether as cut up units or scraps in the basket. 

waiting in the wings is the pink virginia reel all basted.  these 2 little items don't rack up much in yardage used, but do make the to do list shorter. did bust 2 yards of nonquilty sewing this week, so that about evens out as picked up 2.75 yards in sauder's sale of some very lights for those i've used in the 365 blocks. 

the fabric on extreme left--white with gray clouds--was a freebie FQ from sauder's.   ***  new issue of QUILTMANIA arrived and pleased to see an article on gerald roy and some of his antique quilts, many of which were crib or doll size.  vic in NH and i went to his hometown of warner, nh, last fall for an exhibit of over 100 from his collection--a real treat indeed!  ***  and speaking of blocks, just 4 little ones to sew up today and then it's farmer's wife.  first up is giving the old viking a break to cool off!


  1. Lovely neutrals from Sauder's and a pretty perky cheddar,too! your little Red Doors is wonderful and I marveled at seeing all the variety of background scraps. Stay cool!

  2. Nice little homage to your quilt teacher. I like that idea.
    You never seem to waste time, Grace. Always plenty of sewing going on.

  3. What a cute village, Grace! I like your new fabric, too.