Friday, July 15, 2016

see what i mean?

barely 9 am and already 4 little blocks done leaving me with 7 to get caught up....i might even have time today for my 1.5 hours of intense!

course, still wearing my pjs but that'll change as soon as i post up is catchup with the farmer's wife sew that i have the background fabric (see earlier post), can soon start to put that flimsy together.   ***  whew...whirlwind year with lots of memorables, not the least of which was the big move from new england here to maryland.  it's been a hot week and if it weren't for volunteering at vacation bible school, would not have ventured out much.  plenty of projects lined up for indoor sewing until temps modulate...and glad to say on the downside of the 365.  it has been a HUGE commitment and have to say machine piecing skills have improved, but is a big time involvement as well.  thinking ahead to 2017 now and then and what projects will be tackled....have 2 UFOs in particular that still need a lot of work, and there is stashbuster talk about a double wedding ring quilt sew along as well.  and to paraphrase a popular idiom, "teach a girl to sew and she'll have pleasure for a lifetime."  


  1. You inspire me to get going, Grace.
    Your little blocks look wonderful!

  2. As ever, your blocks are special and pretty. New England is also hotter than Hades, too!

  3. That is such a true saying..... I love it.....