Thursday, July 21, 2016

lazy wednesday afternoon....

but did manage to get the latest "westering women" block done, not too soon either as the next will post in a week....not sure what will do with these blocks when done, but love the colors. this is penny rose's "indigo and cheddar" line...

first up, tho, was to remake the 365 block--done and added to the border--and then tweak the block top left, which somehow came out just a smidgen too large.  refused to go on until it was done and the right size.   the center block got cut just a tad too large, no doubt it was "pilot error"'t drive and rotary cut at the same time!   ***  yesterday was simply delightful warm day with NO humidity, making it downright pleasant.   windows open for a change, soaking up fresh air before the big heat arrives friday.  almost feels like a touch of fall, if only for a day.  ***   no blocks today as senior center this AM and a wake this afternoon...and tomorrow is road trip day but saturday, sunday and monday are indoor days...i'll be cool but the old viking will be hot, hot, hot!  so very fortunate to be able to stay in cool a/c with no job responsibilities.   and don't worry, stocked up on diet pepsi too!


  1. Love that color combo! Beautiful blocks. Are you coming up to the show this year? Would love to see you. Cyndi and I will be in the antiques room all 3 days.

  2. Westering women blocks look very fine indeed! I like the fact that you've kept a fabric theme there for its unification factor.

  3. No humidity? I forgot what that feels like! lol! Sounds like you've certainly found your happy place in MD! :-) Absolutely gorgeous blocks! The fabrics are very eye catching! Have a great weekend!