Monday, June 13, 2016

design wall monday

bored yet?  hope not, just over 6 months left in this sew along....with each block i glance at the directions and groan, but methodically follow directions and when it's done, inspired to move on to the next block.

today starting on may 23rd block, so moving steadily closer to june's blocks....and have not bought one square inch of fabric yet for this sew along!  ***  another week starts and few things on the calendar.  weekend heat has abated and laundry is on tap for this morning, then free to sew...can hardly believe i am so fortunate in my richness of available time!


  1. Bored? Never. #1 I love seeing other quilter's blocks - I'm inspired by their creativity. And #2 your blocks are especially inspirational! I love seeing what you're doing - and all from your stash!

  2. I chuckled about your groan whenever you look at the directions. Looking at the complexity of these blocks, I think I would do the same. You are doing very well with them. I especially like the one on the left.

    1. that's arrow's crown, one of the worst...LOL...but thanks!

  3. What she said, ditto for me. Your choices of fabrics truly delight the eye and that's a double compliment that you have such a gorgeous stash to work the blocks. Rock on!

  4. Looks a great skill builder - and such pretty blocks! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  5. great blocks, i love making new blocks even when i don't make a quilt out of them