Sunday, May 22, 2016

friday fling-ee sewing

before tackling the 365 blocks, just happened to spy the inchie drawer so one thing led to another and several rows got sewn together on this project.  now there are 2 rows all done.  it'll be a total of 12 of the 16-inch blocks, with a 4-inch neutral border, then another border of 4 rows of colors.  it'll be tied, of course, due to the gazillion seams.  most of the inchies I sewed together were sent to me last summer...a package of several manufacturer's little 1.5" samples....I pulled out the solids for the bow tie project and the rest went into the leader/ender pile. 

it is so great to take photos as it gives a bird's eye view.  when I started sewing these together, I just sewed them without thought to color or value.  later decided to concentrate on colors for the blocks and keep the neutrals for a border.  it is really noticeable in this photo.  no, I am NOT un-sewing any of the blocks/rows, but will flip one of the rows and relocate to spread the lighter area out so it's less noticeable.  the "before" is before attending the bonnie hunter school of scraps and the "after" is after I'd been exposed/indoctrinated  how to use my scraps better for more effect a la bonnie hunter....big improvement and important lesson learned....thank you bonnie!  this will probably be a donation quilt to bob's blankie brigade in the fall....


  1. It's interesting how these all-scrap designs take on a water color effect. I like the way the neutrals corral the brighter colors!

  2. Love it. I'm currently working on a postage stamp quilt to measure 80in square when it's finished. I'm incorporating as many 'I Spy' images as I can. I have a terrific stash of novelty print fabrics, but am discovering that not all that many of them have motifs that can fit inside a 1in square! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Wow--that is a lot of tiny pieces! Love what you are making here, Grace.

  4. These tiny pieces make a riot of color! I love it!

  5. Holy crackers, Batman! That's gorgeous - and I applaud your bravery in taking on such a huge project! I have a tub of 1.5" squares too, but they just laugh at me mockingly....