Saturday, May 28, 2016

the secret...

of pretty good machine piecing (notice I didn't say perfect), must be to NOT pay such close attention!!!  was working on this block for the 365 challenge while trying to watch videos--the revenant (book much better altho Leonardo is worth the watch) and a jack ryan adventure type when look what came out good! 

couldn't have been more surprised due to the many small pieces--well, all these blocks seem to have that--it looks so good without ANY drama or re-sewing!  as you can see this is the april 26th block and I just also finished the 27th, so still struggling about a month behind....due to a hectic week with a variety of other must-do things.  the calendar is clear for today, most of tomorrow and Monday so perhaps can make a dent.  obviously, taking a bit longer due to increased size of blocks, so it was a sparse sewing week for a change.  summer has definitely arrived with the hot/humid temps and expect more time will be spent in a/c, which makes for terrific sewing weather.  ***  weekend plans are few but include a bit of sightseeing.  another wallhanging is hung, as is the bulletin board so apartment nearly "done" decorating-wise.  the folded clothes are on shelves in the closet, and that needs a bit of tidying/organizing, but save for another day.  also, the Hawaiian and my scrappy boston commons will get laundered this weekend.  currently quilting on the kaffe wall hanging, but next up is basting and quilting the milky way masquerade along with some donation and Christmas's nearly July doncha know! 


  1. All sounds good there and looks like you will be all caught up..
    Time to light the fire here... Been some nice chilly days

  2. Love that block. It looks fabulous!

  3. Beautiful block Grace! Don't worry about being behind, you will catch it up. Enjoy your sewing.

  4. I am impressed! A near perfect block without total concentration. : )
    Sounds like you are keeping plenty busy.
    Wait a minute--what a minute, what happened to June?!?

  5. Your block is beautifully made by an expert piecer! You've gotten really good with those tiny's. Does the apartment building have a place where you could photograph big quilts outdoors somewhere? The Hawaiian must be awesome in person!

  6. How are you proposing to launder the Hawaiian quilt, Grace? It's quite large - so do you have access to a large-enough washing machine or ... ?

    Sydney, Australia

    1. have large capacity washer so it worked ok...done and dry and folded/put away...after i showed it off at 2 guild meetings...LOL

  7. Wow! What precision! It is a beautiful block.