Thursday, May 19, 2016

another finish!

racked up another finish with this sofa's plenty long enough for me at five feet tall. haven't yet calculated yardage used but got another wallhanging already in the hoop. the "finish" pile is slowly decreasing....and as for machine work, the 365 center medallion is done as well..

course being lefthanded, the right side border got flipped....well, that's my story anyway....and i am leaving to tackle more blocks...i think there are 12 more of the little ones and then hope to get the first dark border attached....another cloudy and rainy day so we are way overdue for sun and week maybe??


  1. A beautiful, colorful sofa quilt!
    Good progress on the 365 medallion.
    We are having another cloudy, rainy week, too, but I love it. Don't do well in heat. To each his (or her) own. : )

  2. Love your Amish quilt! Your medallion is coming along nicely.

  3. Your Amish quilt is gorgeous Grace. Wonderful colours.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. You're on a roll! Well done on the finish I love the colors; your medallion quilt looks like it was, indeed, a challenge-- one that you rose to quite nicely, I might add!

  5. Kudos to you on the Couch Potato quilt, that's a fine finish. The cornerstones on the medallion made me gasp at such tiny pieces. Well done!

  6. Congrats on the spectacular finish!

    And what a lovely 365 medallion. I wouldn't even have known about the flipped border if you hadn't said something. Looks good to me!