Thursday, February 11, 2016

did they say challenge?

thought this would be a fun sew along but make no mistake, it IS a challenge!  these little blocks are 3.5" unfinished and some are way more involved than i've ever done at this size.  and now with the photo, i see the block top right is wrong so that's a re-sew.  the photo is taken side view but still, gotta do it over.   never claimed to be an expert piecer, but have to say they don't look too bad overall.  now halfway thru the inside border, so another 6 weeks of these itty bitty blocks, total of 96.  then it's on to the center block, a whopping 18" square.  anxious to see them all sewn together and mentally calculating what lights are in the stash at hand for the next border.  and here is another glance at the overall top...isn't it gorgeous!  i am definitely still in with this project!

keep calm and sew on!


  1. It is gorgeous. Your little blocks look really good.
    I can't believe how many blocks will go into this quilt. It is really tempting, but I know I could never keep up!

  2. I'm doing the 365 also, and I agree that some of them are a real challenge. I spent four hours on one of them.

  3. Oh my, you have great perseverance and determination to make these! Those little flecks of cheddar in the blue print really make the blocks sparkle. Let me know if you need more lights or darks when the stash report allows it.

  4. Im also doing this challenge, it has tried my patience more than once lol. But im still loving it. Yours are beautiful.