Monday, February 15, 2016

definitely NOT scraps!

a "partner in crime" aka fellow quilter recently posted she had scraps she planned to fling.  i needed a variety of neutrals for my hexie project, so inquired if some could come my way.  sure, was the reply, and soon a squishie arrived with these....which are definitely NOT scraps...

sincerely gobsmacked over the generosity of this fellow quilter.  have already cut a huge stack of 2.5" squares for the hexie project....thank you mystery sewist!   and have been keeping busy in endeavors other than keeping's block charlotte for the farmer's wife...

and how cold was it today?   when starting the car it was -5, half hour later down the interstate it was -10 and then about 15 miles beyond that it was -11....but when driving by the ocean inlets the sea smoke was thick like fog and spectacularly beautiful....a real gift from nature!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished hexies!

  2. I agree, my scraps are never so orderly and perfectly square! : )
    What a fun squishy to receive!
    I really like Charlotte--great block!
    Oh, yikes, what temps you are enduring! I love the image you create of the sea smoke, but I wouldn't want to be out in it!

  3. Very nice "scraps".......last night felt like a "heat wave" here, it was 30 degrees warmer than the night before but only 10 degrees outside! Today will be even better.....never thought to take a drive by the ocean yesterday to see the sea smoke, will try to remember for the next time we have sub zero temps.

  4. What a great addition of fabrics for you to use. Not too cold where I am today. Fort Collins, Colorado 65°. Down right balmy.

    1. that is balmy...near 50 here which is practically summer...heavy rain and high winds tho but way better than snow and ice