Sunday, February 7, 2016

candy coated cats

so the flimsy is done, waiting for a final press, baste and then quilt.  might use a bright lime to bind.   the rest of the afternoon spent quilting the summer sampler, which is now over half done.   other than that, pretty quiet day all around, calm before another snowstorm.  so far so good on the no-buy efforts.....and the week's stash report:

stash in:   ZERO
stash out:  nothing yet, but sooooon!


  1. Wow, that went fast. It is cute, and I think the lime binding will be a nice finish.

  2. LOL! They really do read as kitties, cute! Congratulations on your stash report and second month of no buy.

  3. The candy coated cats are adorable!

  4. Your cats are cute and I think a lime binding would look great with it. Congrats on your no buy. I need to do that but it's hard when I travel as I have to visit the quilt shops.

  5. Cute indeed! Congratulations on your fortitude.
    Stay warm!