Friday, December 11, 2015

ten little blocks....

in 2 straight lines.....with only 2 blocks to go, it's almost time to pack up the old viking for a christmas rest.  these are sooo cute!  thinking of setting them vertically single file and finish as a bell pull?  or maybe finish them individually and string horizontally in a banner, with some ho-ho-ho interspersed?  plenty of ideas...

noticed i switched out the pink ironing board for a green in favor of the season, but i also wanted to audition the color for possible background....and will have to do over the friendship star bottom row far right as the print washes out the how the camera highlights blocks gone wrong!   in the meantime, basking in 40-50 degree weather with no flakes in sight...that's MY kind of winter, oh yes!


  1. Very sweet little blocks. Makes me want to jump on the bandwagon and stitch some up myself. You have some clever ideas for finishing them.
    Your kind of winter sounds like Fall. : )
    We've got your winter weather here right now, in case you need it anytime soon.

    1. that's ok you can keep it until maybe april?

  2. Cute blocks Grace! I'm also enjoying the warm winter in NY. It would be nice if it stayed this way.

  3. These blocks are as sweet as Christmas candy, and equally addicitive, I am sure. Well done, Grace; I like the green setting fabric too. You're on a roll.

  4. Good job for noticing that the little Friendship Star would like some help, but they are cuties!

  5. Oh my gosh, darling blocks...Ha, Grace, I'm just the opposite, I want a white Christmas.