Monday, December 7, 2015

happee swappee....

these arrived today, quite timely as it has been a weekend of concern and long day at work today...i went back temp 2 days per week for not just financial but also mental health reasons.  my boss has been very accommodating, allowing me to keep my hours down to remain qualified for senior housing...but here are the blocks received in the swap...aren't they terrific?

the thing that ALWAYS surprises me is how many repro fabrics i have never seen before...there are many in just these few blocks.  my stash is NOT minuscule by any stretch, but again, many fabrics are new to me.  can't imagine how i missed seeing them before, given the amount of time i've spent on fabric websites and in quilt shops.  ***  keeping up with the 12 days of Christmas and FWS, so more photos to show another day.  *** and those of you who commented?  many thanks...a positive outcome so prayers were answered. 


  1. I found your blog this morning and you touched my heart. I'm a praying woman and am praying for you. God Bless.
    I too love the reproduction fabrics and amazed at the new ones I find in swaps.

  2. You'd think that having been to Cyndi's shop, you would have seen it all!! : )
    What a fun package to receive.
    So glad to hear that prayers were answered.

    1. you would think so janet, but then again cyndi doesn't carry EVERY repro, none at all of some manufacturers...

  3. Nice blocks, Grace! So glad that prayers were answered and that you can work a little without upsetting the apple cart.