Thursday, December 10, 2015

shameless promotion

having withdrawal from girl scout thin mint cookies?  didn't get your box(es) this year?  have no fear, trader joe's has put these on their shelves, probably just for Christmas but hey, better than nothing!  and the price is good too, a mere $2.99 at my local store.  and get this, they TASTE just like the girl scout cookies! 

no, i don't get any free boxes for posting this (too bad too, i say), just a public service for those of you who appreciate the finer things in life.  ***  a recent free concert took us to a local church built c. 1769 with royal flooring, meaning wide and some up to 14" from trees formerly owned by king george.  the church is on the national register and other preserved details include now-electrified candle chandeliers and wall sconces, plain wood pews with doors and no parking lot or driveway's preserved with period paint and those long shutters is a doubt there are others dotted throughout the northeast...the entertainment was "downeast brass quintet" and one of the group remarked that last year they walked through snow to get in, but this year only green grass...thank you climate change!

and before you ask, yes there IS sewing happening to be shown another day....


  1. Yum. Now, a trip back into town for Trader Joe's is my mission! Ha!! I love, LOVE old historic churches, thank you for sharing, It's an interesting color... unusual, at least to my thinking and I am a New England girl. Live and learn.

  2. Saw those in Trader Joe's last week, but unfortunately there was no gluten-free version. : (
    What a neat looking old church. Were the acoustics great?

    1. not isn't all that large and there were only 5 musicians, all brass, so fine

  3. I Love that church. I haven't been in in years. Enjoy your Christmas!