Wednesday, November 18, 2015

nickel fun

at the library last week picked up a couple of books that had some fun projects; one of them was this

that had lots of 3" foundation patterns in the back, most based on the log cabin.  great ideas for little projects that don't bust much stash but are quick and cute.  after tracing some 3" reel blocks that caught my eye, pulled out some mod nickels in bright pinks that have been on my mind....

that became these....little virginia reel blocks for a small quilt.  managed to get 2 done in less than half an hour, each one using up a nickel with a small strip left that would work for string piecing.

the stripe is a marden's find, a low volume oxford cotton from robert kaufman; pattern calls for 24 of these so a bit more time and a doll quilt should materialize.  these bright colors a nice change from civil wars, although will be starting another project with them soon.  now to check on this week's stars fabric....closing in on the end of this sew along and it has been fun indeed!


  1. Don't think I have seen that book before. I have always loved that pattern, but have never tried it. Very cute in the small size. : )

  2. you are my tiny block muse janet...LOL!