Friday, August 14, 2015

must see 'mania'

although i purchase this magazine only occasionally for a specific quilt or pattern, this issue makes 2 in a row for me, primarily for this considering making this and thought the pattern should be on hand just in case...

this is leigh latimore's inspiration of an antique, which goes without saying.  it surely is gorgeous and it's big, which may prohibit me, but maybe not....but this issue has a whole lot more like this

it's more gorgeous applique (sigh) by veronique diligent, and in my stash is a collection of tuscany inspired fabrics that would be perfect.  might make only 4 or maybe all 9, but it too is gorgeous and not to be missed.  also in this issue of interest to me were profiles of some internationally known quiltmakers, irene blanck for one, an applique artist from australia who is going to be on my side of the pond this fall.  she has a book along with some lovely patterns.....check them out if you dare!   also in this issue is a simple but pretty scrappy, many more antiques and some interesting short articles.  one that caught my eye right away was about an exhibit on reunion island, and only last week i knew where that was....the malaysia plane wiing flap was found coincidental is that?   so, bottom line is if antique and applique are your interests, this issue should find its way into your sewing space.  NOTE: no connection whatsoever to this magazine or its publisher, just someone who enjoyed the offerings.  this issue probably won't change my buying habits at all--a bit pricier than most--but glad to have it in my inspiration pile. 


  1. Grace - I work for Australian Homespun magazine. Our current issue (August 215 - Vol 16 No 8) has instructions for a gorgeous Irene Blanck quilt (it's on the front cvoer) and next month's has another one. You can see a pic of the front cover here: It's relatively expensive to purchase print copies of the magazine in the USA as it's a heavy magazine, so postage is high, but you can buy single copies at a very reasonable cost from Zinio,Google Play and the Apple newsstand.

  2. My goodness, those certainly are ambitious projects!