Thursday, August 20, 2015

state of the stash

over at the stashbusters yahoo group, every year in one's birthday month, a report on the stash is made. mine is just a week away, can you believe it?   the annual report/confession/reckoning is SUPPOSED to reflect how much has been used and how diligent one is for actual stash busting....know what i mean?  since most of my stash isn't with me, thought i would show the stash that actually IS with me....

it's all packed up (except for some scraps and blocks) ready to be mailed once the housing call comes.  the car will be full and there is no room for these 5 boxes, so the USPO will do the a price of course.  most of this, well at least 2/3, was gifted to me so i could sew during my continuing sojourn in the desert; a bit was purchased by me....on sale of course...and some i brought just to have on hand.   when life gives you scraps, make quilts or potholders or table toppers or whatever... it's the right thing to do!  ***  it's a gray and humid day here but no snow, which is always good!  keep cool and quilt on!


  1. When you have your new home and know your address, please let me know. Someone recently was very good about sharing their stash with me, and I want to reciprocate your generosity to me and share some with you. I'll send them to you where you are now if you prefer, but I don't know if you want more stash there.
    Again, sorry I didn't get in touch with you to meet at Cyndi's. : (

    1. no issue here janet...i understand fully....have to choose words carefully as some letters not

  2. Remember that you can always get a new box from the PO if you need to rip one of these open to get at some stuff!