Wednesday, August 12, 2015

that's all folks?

could be....this week only had to make 3 of the 4 as somewhere along the line, had an 40 it is and they are sooo much fun....not that i've converted to making tiny blocks, but despite my trepidation, found these pretty easy and quite fun.  no, not perfect but (surprise) i'm not either....for those of you harboring any illusions to the contrary. some days more pharisee than christian, i'm afraid.  also this week, cutting out pieces for yet another scrappy, a civil war repro one of course, featured in the latest APQ's called daisy chain and it'll be totally scrappy, even the background pieces. 

and lastly, upcoming 5" swap of civil war repro squares are nearly ready to mail.  other than that, hoping my 40 years in the desert days are winding down and will soon find myself in an apartment oasis, together with my own sleeping bed and all my fun quilty stuff.  in the meantime, enjoying the summer and all its benefits....fresh vegs, beach days and lobster of course! 


  1. I went over to the APQ website to see what Daisy Chains looked like. Very nice. Is it pieced or appliqued? I'll be interested to see pics of your progress on it.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. pieced megan, except the centers which are appliqued....thanks! anxious to see it come together...

  3. I love seeing your pretty little blocks in the reds and cheddars! The daisy chain pieces are really intriguing, too.