Monday, December 15, 2014

looking like Christmas...

tree up?   check....lights on?  check....ornaments?  check....and of course out comes my special Spode mug and little heart-shaped dish.  these were gifts from a former roommate about 14 years ago...gosh, seems like only a year or so ago...she collected Spode Christmas dishes and Byers carolers....our apartment was really decked out that year.  i think of that time every Christmas when i see these...all my ornaments and decorations come with their personal memories i love to recall every year.  *** and sewing progress?  not much, really....all the swap strips are cut and packaged AND mailed, so on to the shenandoah log cabin which is next to be tied and finished....then it is definitely the hawaiian's turn to baste and start quilting.  inbetween doing some cross stitch and applique to keep busy.  the sewing space will get a serious re-org come end of the year but until then it is rather disorganized.  *** our holiday plans are just about final and we are planning food for is really about family, of course, bittersweet because of lost loved ones or those far away, but still plenty of joy at being together.  now back to that tree!


  1. Fun to get out the special Christmas things that hold dear memories.
    I haven't had my machine going for several days--and probably won't for several more. : )

  2. You are ahead of me.....I have the tree up but no lights yet. Hoping to string popcorn and cranberries this weekend. I have a few more cards that I like to personalize with a note that are still not done yet but there is still time! I have been busy making "utility" quilts for each of my boys, two tops done one left, they will at least have the flimsy to open!

    1. gee denise, big task wonder you have been off the grid....LOL