Friday, December 19, 2014

next year's stocking....

although i gave up every other craft for quilting, i did keep counted cross-stitch stuff on hand and have a few projects i'd like to make.  this is one of those "in progress" things for some time now and have vowed it WILL be done in 2015.  my desire to make a sampler and a stocking morphed into this which is not quite half done.  have had to take out a couple of sections and am thinking about taking out the first row of the verse too...for some reason used 3 strands instead of 2....but will wait until closer done for a decision on that.  it is one of those projects that requires intense, constant concentration and sticky sheets to make sure to follow the chart closely.  of course, it won't be just for Christmas....intend to hang it year round.  *** baking and gifts are done so getting the binding for the shenandoah ready.  the table to tie it goes up this morning and will get done over the next few days no doubt.  then it's the hawaiian's turn and i am so looking forward to get that basted and start the quilting.  *** in the meantime, enjoying cold but not frigid weather and definitely no snow, but rain.  makes it easier for family to get together when roads are navigable.  hoping holiday prep is going well in your home.....and thinking of those who are needy and sick, for those who just manage to survive another day regardless of the season..... 


  1. Had to laugh--When I gave up this craft, I also hung on to just a couple of cross-stitch patterns that I intend to make "someday". You are doing better at it than I am, for sure! This will be a lovely stocking. Deserves to be displayed year round, for sure.
    Will you have a white Christmas?
    I can't imagine what it is like to not have loved ones around, and to not have enough to live comfortably. But there are many for whom this is reality.

    1. bulletin: no white christmas in this maine neighborhood...i think we will survive....LOL

  2. The stitching looks beautiful! I like the slightly thicker darker first verse because it is easier to read. nice work!