Friday, December 12, 2014

getting there....

so, 4 rows are done!  only one more applique row to do and then a narrow print border and then the wide applique border of more vines, leaves, flowers and baskets.  this UFO must be at least 5-6 years old and has been hibernating far too long.  as mentioned previously, the little flowers had me paralyzed but with a lot of prep work, they are finally done.  *** today's task? finish cutting strips for a swap and pick up some floss to tie the shenandoah log cabin, which is the next item on the december list.  for machine work, still assembling those jelly roll christmasy blocks and by next week at this time, basting the hawaiian will be at the top of the list. *** my UFO list for 2015 is shaping up....glad to say i had 9 finishes and have started only about 7 things, some small, so that is a tiny net gain of sorts.  *** first up today, though is clean off that car (again!) and trek to the fish market.  that is the great thing about this part of the country....every morning the landscape is a surprise!


  1. Such a pretty row quilt and good progress on a previously-UFO that must now be a WIP? LOL! Now I know it isn't counted that way for the UFO challenge, but you've got a lot done on this. You rock!

  2. Very pretty color scheme. You are really making great progress.

  3. it's coming along............looking good.........