Friday, November 21, 2014

anywhere near new hampshire?

if you are then you must go here!!!!  right off route 89 in warner, just west of concord about 15 miles, is the most jaw-dropping exhibit of antique crib and doll quilts you just might ever see.  the building is restored and a perfect venue for these quilts.  lots of vintage thingies on display as well as stenciled floors and walls, plus a wall mural in the entryway.  i didn't know but gerald roy actually LIVES in warner, a quiet little town chock full of federalist style homes and little else.  the few luncheon places close at 2 pm (except one)...there is an independent book store, a general store type place and very few other places, at least that i saw.  and the quilts, oooh the quilts!  all small and most from the 1800s....some well worn and some hardly used.  parking is a breeze.  the building has a sandwich board out front so you can't miss it.  the docents are knowledgeable and uber-friendly.  before old man winter closes us in, an ideal trip to take and breathe in autumn's last.  and we actually did have some flakes that were short lived, thankfully!


  1. Oh, I wish it was still going to be there when I come next year, but it looks like it isn't a permanent display. Shucks!
    Did you get to take photos of the quilts?

  2. forgot my camera but vic took 94 so i'm would have absolutely loved it....