Monday, October 27, 2014

birthday boy...

if you see this guy today, give him a birthday hug for's brother #2...he was about age 2 or so in this photo...white blonde hair until he got older, constantly in motion and busy and sometimes feisty...but a cutie and special to us.  happy birthday bro!

and since i am on the road, decided to emulate one of my quilty mentors and plus phoebe in for some motel sewing.  got some blocks done for another whenever project....scraps repurposed...while watching PBS.  today the real fun begins when i meet up with the gals at good is that?


  1. That is some good. Motel sewing can be a challenge given the lack of proper tables and lighting but you seem to have everything you need. Squinting to see which 100 blocks issue you are sewing from, looks like fun. And more fun to come.

  2. I'll bet Phoebe enjoyed that little warm-up to retreat! : )