Friday, October 24, 2014


had a bit of free amazon cash to spend and so i ordered these, what i thought was one yard of each...mod-ish christmas prints from michael miller but guess what!  there was a tag on the trees fabric and an extra 14" added to my said, jackpot you got the end of the bolt!  i am thinking tree skirt from these and a few others.  the other print is called "nordic christmas" and i just love the bright colors. i have a celery solid fabric that will go nicely i do believe.   **** after a very stormy week, spied a tiny patch of blue sky near the horizon today....could be we will see the sun very soon....tomorrow so the weather guru says.  looks like traveling weather for sunday will be nice as well.  ****  the donation quilt "corn maze" is just about ready for the washer.  the suitcase is out, the sewing space is tidied, laundry is done and most everything is ready.  ***  christmas will be here before can even hardly plan for it...have you started shopping?  i have one gift already and working on my list.  as long as it doesn't snow.....if only (sigh)...

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  1. Those fun fabrics should get you in the mood for holiday planning! I have done absolutely nothing for Christmas!