Tuesday, October 21, 2014

another show fave....

this one is titled "family tree" and i am guessing these are grandchildren (?).....faces colored with colored pencils looking so life like....climbing in a tree.....stunning effect.  made by betty jo quinn.  *** cool weather is back and here to stay, so the weatherman says.  november is around the corner and it could snow any time, though most years holds off until at least thanksgiving.  many in maine dread the winter but few actually flee, the rest preferring to remain and complain.  as for me, most of my stuff is packed and i'd be happy to leave maine anytime...


  1. That is an incredible quilt.
    "Remain and complain" fits what many of us do in a variety of circumstances, I'd say! : )
    Less than a week until retreat!! How can you focus?

  2. and no news on the moving front I assume....