Monday, October 20, 2014

another prize winner....

was this blue and white beauty by anna bullard....beautifully machine quilted by linda bevins....what is better than a blue and white?  not a thing, in my book was my favorite for people's choice....and no show is complete without
fabric, what else?  i didn't buy these, they were gifted to me by victoria...we are both 12-step flunkies as far as fabric is concerned....a beautiful paisley and a rust AND 2 gorgeous autumn fabric charm packs....i just started a project with the jelly roll she gave me last summer, and as luck would have it, an autumn fabric quilt is swirling around in the gray matter was ESP!


  1. That is gorgeous! I know this may be heresy in the quilting world, but I much prefer blue/white quilts to red/white. : )
    Oh, Victoria is such a generous friend. Beautiful fabrics!

  2. Hey, who you callin' a 12 step flunkie? Oh, me? Well, gosh, I guess you're right, I AM, LOL! Fabric is too wonderful.