Sunday, August 17, 2014

then there were 3....

week 3 of the marcus bros sew-along and voila, 3 blocks done!  have even amazed myself with the way keeping up with this short-term quilty event.  getting plenty of applique done on the hawaiian too, but still a ways to go.  here is a photo of the 3 blocks together...this is gonna be a cute little quilt i think!

a gray and fallishly cool day here in maine....summer will be back later this week but for today the slate is clean and just planning on doing some sewing  and relaxing.   ***  the lexington stash is all washed and dried and ready to use.  think i'm gonna just look at it for a while and enjoy...


  1. Your third block looks great, Grace! I hope to start mine tomorrow if there are no more dog calls in my duties as Animal Control Officer, LOL!

  2. Good for you, keeping up like that! They look great!
    Oh, I just bought some of that background fabric you are using. I love it!

  3. Nice blocks! It's going to be a lovely quilt!