Thursday, September 4, 2014

binding day

well, weekend is here once again and today's task is to bind the baby quilt.  it has returned to summer here in maine and the beach has beckoned, but today simply must finish this project.  *** retreat in 51days for me (i leave a day earlier for travel) and i've made my list of what needs to be done to get ready.  once this baby quilt is done, have to finish some swap squares and then a donation quilt is on tap.  i've also been working on the hawaiian still, but may have to put it aside briefly to finish a UFO.  i hope to get the basting done by the end of the year.  *** my portable project is now complete and i can pick up the dargate baskets once again.  that is a whenever project and gets done exactly then.  ***  so surprising that september is here already.  even tho our weather has been summery this week, it's temporary.  the veggie stand run yesterday included squashes galore and little pumpkins.  how did that happen so fast?  a batch of my green tomato pickles is on the september list, plus some corn fritters for the freezer.  they do taste like summer when thawed.  and chopped clams are in the freezer too, along with beef for stew, for upcoming cool days.  hoping frost holds off  to squeeze every moment out of fresh veggie season.  lastly, picked up more lobster yesterday while prices still low....and in celebration of turning 65, i finally tackled a raw was good!

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  1. You are always so on target with your "to dos", Grace. I admire that.
    Raw oyster for a celebration? I think I would have chosen cake! *LOL*