Friday, October 12, 2012

thank you, janet!

last week janet posted a giveaway on her blog and look, my name was drawn!  how gorgeous are these lovely gifts....a pin cushion, a fall mug rug or mini quilt and some very nice handmade soaps.  i never had handmade soaps before and these are so fragrant with fall spices.  such very nice and thoughtful handmade gifts are always welcome, a sentiment shared by so many.  **** very cool and sunny day here with a possible hard freeze predicted for tonight, so the growing season is essentially over.  *** a quiet couple of days in this lake woebegone with some relaxation, quilting, few errands....and last night, a fantastic trip to cirque du soleil's "saltimbanco." 


  1. I can't believe how quickly those made it across the country, Grace. I am so glad you like them. Always happy when the winner is someone I "know". : )

  2. Congrats on your lucky win! I'm actually looking forward to our first freeze because the flies, gnats & other bugs have been a nuisance the last few weeks - they're EVERYWHERE and that's the only way to get rid of them!

  3. What a fun prize, so glad it was you. I don't enter many giveaways 'cause most don't send things over the border