Saturday, October 13, 2012


no trick here just a couple of treats found at the local library used book sale.  i know, not much value to most, but carter houck is a name from my quilting "kindergarten" days and the ruby mckim?  well, i had a copy of this book once, not sure where it got to, so i added it to my book stash once again.  in fact, i inherited an original ruby mckim leaflet from my ex's grandmother some years ago.  it is a cherished quilting momento of her and quilting days gone by.  i never knew her, of course, but i have her sewing table and the leaflet, plus some fabric and squares she made.  dear daughter has one of her quilts.  lila, you have not been forgotten, even by those you never knew.   **** trying to spend as much time as possible quilting the pinwheel.  i may get it bound before retreat time yet....gonna be close!  **** brrr, pretty cold here this AM, like below freezing; and those green mountains of vermont?  they're white!


  1. White ! Yikes, already. Good scoop on the books, my personal mantra is "can't have too many books" Especially when you are search for inspiration and tips.

  2. Some classic books--I love them. I look back through some of my older quilt books. That is what drew me to quilting--and often the kind of classic looking quilt I still want to make.
    I'm waiting for the clouds to lift from my mountains this morning to see if there is a dusting of white on top.