Wednesday, October 10, 2012

last call



i've closed a few bars in my time with the ex (what was i thinking?) so for a change made our last visit to the local veggie stand yesterday morning.  they are closing on friday.  we were able to get these fresh goodies plus 2 squash that are in the root cellar--AKA the car--until it gets a bit colder.  the apartment is way too warm to keep them inside.  the zukes are for bread, the brussel sprouts for roasting, the scallions for stir-fry and quiche, the eggplant for parmesan, the potatoes for roasting and the peppers for spaghetti sauce!  the cukes will be snacks...yumm!   while it's true i am overweight from snacky type foods, i love fresh veggies and they will be sorely missed from now until next june or so.  a few winter markets have popped up offering root veggies, locally raised meat, eggs and baked goods.  occasionally we visit one, but they are pricey and variety is limited of course.  our favorite lobster pound is also closed during the week now and seasonal businesses are boarding up.  it's like much of maine hibernates for the winter except the snow lovers.  halloween approaches with a bit of trepidation because our worst snowstorm last year was on october 31st..who would have guessed? 


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  1. Our fridge has been packed with produce, too. So many sources right now--including our garden. But that will be over all too soon!