Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 for 3

today 3 new blocks were posted for just takes 2 but no matter, i got 3 done...so does that make me even?  well, at least i'm not any further behind.  if i can get 2 more done tomorrow, then i'll be ahead a bit more.  and i also worked on another UFO today; will show pictures later.  **** it was a dreary, dismal, downright dowdy day with heavy rain....we got our april showers in may!   just returned home from work, so one more day and i'll have a break.  i've a pincushion to finish, more of JT2 and the UFO and maybe some quilting on the feathered star.  **** the soft tissue discomfort from my fall last week has nearly dissipated.   oh, and my new hancock's of paducah catalog came today....got my list made already; so many, many gorgeous new fabrics.....i was simply swooning over them!


  1. I really like the JT2 in browns. Nice switch! Yes, I'd say you are breaking even! : )

  2. You and your machine are really "smoking", must be warm in your house, LOL!