Friday, May 4, 2012


not wanting to toss some solid waste triangles, i repurposed them into QSTs or quarter square triangles.  they need squaring up but will make a great mini-amish quilt at some point.  now i can start on the scrap squares on the right!  many of the solid scraps came from the cherrywood scrap bags from which i already cut a few projects (the honeycomb for one) and although the scrap bags were reasonably priced, cherrywood yardage is pricey, so i want to be sure and use up every square inch possible.  these pre-assembled units make it simple to make mini quilts in record time, but even if they don't get used, no doubt somebody out there in quilt blog land could use them.  **** another gray and dreary day here in coastal maine.  we are getting april weather in may!  this after getting may weather in march.  no matter, anything but snow.

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  1. Those colors are so rich--yes, it would make a great Amish-style mini!
    Our weather has been having that same kind of flip-flop. We are supposed to be having a church group social at a park this evening. If the weather doesn't clear by afternoon it will be at our home--DH is in charge of it. I'm praying for clearing skies. We'll see how much pull I have with heaven! : )
    (I'd better get my house cleaned!)