Thursday, May 3, 2012

the winner!

maybe you knew already but the best quilting thread in this little group is the aurifil.  i found it to be just a tad stronger than the other 2 favorites--king tut and mettler.  the glazed coats and clark is strongest because of the glazing, but i knew it would be the least favorite when the testing began.  these are all good quality quilting threads and i'll use them all, of course.  but if i had to buy another spool, i'd go for the aurifil.  so, this year at maine quilts i'll invest in a spool or two of natural color for quilts where i use muslin or the little reproduction quilts.  **** been busy quilting on the feathered star which is about 2/3 complete at this point.  the binding is all prepped and ready for what should be a may finish.  and i'm ignoring the desire to start a couple more small least for today.


  1. Someone gifted me som aurifil this year and I love it in the featherweight!