Saturday, September 1, 2012

here it is!

drum roll please!  when bonnie left for her trip to bali, she posted a pattern for these teeny, tiny, scrappy spools as a challenge to see how many her loyal followers could finish while she was gone.  well, here is mine...that's it.....just one.  and mine is way scrappier than hers too, just to be a tad different.  i have a little tote sitting on my sewing table filled with inchies, 1.5" squares, which are used in this pattern.  i probably should have, could have, wanted to get more done but now she has returned with her voluminous batiks, so no doubt we'll try something else.  i do like these little spools and i might make more at some point.  i think they would make an ideal border flipping every other one, so who knows what the future holds for this lonely spool.  **** it is cooool here in maine tonight, but i have to shut my window....a shame, really a shame.   

1 comment:

  1. Don't think I have ever seen a spool made like this. I see a butterfly with white wings.
    It is so cool here tonight I Want to close my window. That is a first this season.