Saturday, September 1, 2012

friday sewing

spent some quality time with the old viking yesterday and made this cute little tote for a gift.  didn't take too long at all, used up minimal fabric and got finished to boot!  the flash has washed out the colors some but you get the idea.  *** shaping up to be a good day, once i get the cobwebs out of my head.  our pot smoker was around last night again.  the little brat won't let me keep my window open at night.  i lived in this real dump in dorchester, mass., after leaving the shelter and the room was so tiny.  it was august and sometimes i kept my door open for cross ventilation.  the moron next door would  scream until i closed it.  i didn't think i'd have that difficulty here but just goes to show you, manicured grounds don't mean anything.  i should have had my own place by now, but i am stuck with landlords and fellow tenants that just plain suck.  it just plain makes me cry.


  1. The tote looks terrific!

    Consider buying a second hand RV and becoming a gypsy? It's the right time of the year to pick one up at a good price, I think.

  2. i'd rather buy a gun and shoot the prick...

  3. Very nice looking tote for some lucky person.