Wednesday, August 29, 2012

mailbox goodies

these 2 goodies arrived  yesterday.  kim diehl was in maine this year for workshops but honestly, i just couldn't fit the cost into my budget, so i settled for a $15 consolation gift of her 2013 calendar.  not close to being the same as a workshop, i know, but at least i get to enjoy her beautiful quilts every month.  and my last issue of quilt life came too, but my dear mom has renewed for another year as a birthday gift.  i really enjoy this magazine, not so many fabric ads and lots of interesting reading about quilters.  *** a brief preview of fall here today; every so often now we get a day that is dry, sunny and a bit on the cooler side than real summer.  we're starting to see dried leaves on the ground as well, just a reminder that summer doesn't go on forever.  and it's lobster-palooza week here too.  as if anyone didn't know there is a glut of them around.   we've had 3  little festivals of our own so far.....mmm, mmm, good!

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  1. Oh, I haven't seen this Kim Diehl Calendar, but I do love her quilts, so I am sure I would love it, too. She just lives in the state north of me, but I don't hear of any workshops she is doing in our area. I think I will put a bug in the ear of the LQS that always brings in designers and see if they have considered her.