Sunday, July 15, 2012


'tis true, the trusty, ancient RCA has gone (or will soon) to the tv graveyard.  DD and i got this in the 1980s driving thru NH to free you know.  it has been moved and stored and dropped more than once and was on borrowed time.  the sewing room is hushed now, briefly as a new one is en route, with only the gentle tap tap of fingers on keyboard and the old viking whirring.  it's like losing an old friend.  what can i say, i am a boomer and grew up with TV, first the B&W console with the 7-inch screen to now.  there is hardly a time when i'm home that it isn't on for company, for information, for entertainment.  i don't know if i can sew without it (a bit overstated perhaps, but a true sentiment).  often in early or late hours, i switch it on without sound to check out weather, news and QVC deals. **** fortuitous, then, that i had planned to baste quilts today in the living room where the new fangled TV resides.  with temps over 90 and humidity almost that, it's an indoor play day.

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  1. That has been a longtime companion. I'd say you got your money's worth.