Sunday, July 15, 2012

basting blitz

whew, most of today was taken up with basting, and i mean the old fashioned way, by hand with needle and thread.  all ready to quilt now are 2 tablerunners, 2 little quilts and 2 twin size quilts.  the christmas quilt front right is scrappy from top to bottom--even the background that is made up of scraps of white-on-white pieces and other white cottons from various projects, not enough of any to put in one project.  i know it isn't matchy-matchy but definitely frugal and scrappy, which is just fine to me.  **** these basted projects will join others on the shelf waiting for quilting; 2 bed size, 4 wallhanging and 1 little quilt.  there's also the 2 amish bed size in progress, so even if i don't start anything new, i've got enough to keep me sewing for a couple of years anyway.  stick around, could be there'll be plenty to show in months to come. 


  1. They look so pretty just laid out there together! Looking forward to our Friday excursion and hoping for cooler drier weather.

  2. Who needs matchy-matchy? Scrappy rules!!
    Basting is my least favorite thing. I have several things I need to be quilting, but I'm hung up on the basting. You inspire me. : )

  3. My quilt group made a scrappy raffle quilt using the same pattern as your Christmas quilt - it was very successful - fellow boomer.