Friday, July 20, 2012

a perfect play day

took a brief sojourn from the city today to visit victoria, a country mouse!  we had a lovely nearly day-long visit and quilty chat and you'll never guess...we found a quilt shop, with a sale no less! i got a few lovelies as did victoria, both of us sorely lacking in the fabric department....NOT!  victoria prepared a delish panini lunch and i brought the dessert.  i got to meet her fur baby, raven, and roam through her oh-so spacious quilty space.  her husband was equally hospitable, until he retreated to his garden.  it isn't that far to her home but it's all back roads, so it takes a while.  i saw plenty of veggie stands and berry picking places.  back to the city at last to wash the fabric
with ideas dancing in my head.  **** when i arrived, the dump guy had come and taken away the old TV, so i can move the elfa drawers freely and even clean behind them if need be.  now for a shower and jammies...after jeopardy, now that time-warner and hearst have called a truce. 


  1. Sounds like a very lovely day, Grace.
    I never get to see Jeopardy anymore, since it changed time slots.

  2. Thanks again for a fabulous time we shared together, Grace! Those lemon meringue tarts were delicious!

  3. A meetup between two of my favorite quilting bloggers. Glad you could get together!