Saturday, March 18, 2023

national quilting day

not too much of that going on's been a confusing sort of week around here and sitting at the machine didn't happen, but some needlework done.

this prayer in cross stitch got started when ?  cannot recall but time to finish.  stitching while TV watching is great for disarming dilemmas and if it gets done, that's a win/win.  two possible places to go when finished, so that's always a motivator.  

another semi-hidden project got unearthed.  in that galaxy far, far away, background pieces were cut for this block....tons of muslin in little baggies just waiting for me....

the reason interest waned is because originally cut ALL the pieces the wrong size, for this 5" block, which was not the original plan.  so they got tucked away but now there is a destination for these blocks so back on the active list.  deadline is summer so plenty of time, and clearing this drawer will make me smile.  

another tuscan starburst was sewn and quilting on kaffe's lozenges was completed, just needs binding so watch for a finish next week some time.

this year for St. Patrick's Day indulged in a smidgen of corned beef, something i've avoided until now, but just a few bites along with the regular veg and some homemade soda bread made for a celebratory treat.  

spring arrives monday but it's been cooler, such that exploding blooms belie the fact.  biting winds hang on to everyone's dismay.  winter came and went with no snow which is just fine with me, but won't be so happy come july and august.  hoping don't have to wear my winter coat to maine in a few weeks!

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