Friday, November 9, 2018

gobble, gobble, gobble...

a label and sleeve and these wild turkeys will be up on the glad to have this finished and another UFO off the list.   my only other thanksgiving decorations are these...

the cornucopia was made in ceramics about 40 years ago...never got around to filling it with anything....and of course, john and priscilla!   the wool mat was a gift from a quilty friend.  with few horizontal spaces, it fits just right on the end of the cedar chest...what would autumn be without some seasonal tastes?   this recipe came to my inbox from YANKEE magazine....pumpkin muffins from old sturbridge village's publick house restaurant....they are very dense, just right if you are planning on chopping wood or hauling water buckets all day...LOL!  nice spices, some walnuts and raisins....delish toasted i can attest!

getting downright cool here in maryland, like 40s for the weekend and beyond....yeah, that's cool for us!  it is amazing how quickly the body acclimates to changes in maine, 40 is almost balmy!


  1. Love your turkey wall hanging. Where did the pattern come from? Or is it your own design?

    1. it is an out of print threads pattern

  2. Oh, that turkey quilt is so cute!
    Those pumpkin muffins sound really yummy.