Tuesday, June 27, 2017

it's official!

yesterday, sarah posted details of the blog hop "12 days of christmas in july" and it does start on July 14th...the day before my post!   i've "borrowed" her announcement photo, but you should definitely visit her for all the details....

spent entire sewing day monday working on the ocean waves....have begun putting rows together already!  cut a gazillion more triangles to finish up units but still have fair amount of solid stash left, of course.  but with this project have finally used up all my cherrywood solid scraps from years back when i indulged in a few of their scrap bags.  kaufman solids are another fave, and recently i've added some made in america brand solids, which are not as heavy as the kaufman, but i like the idea of buying american made goods.  ***  being further from the ocean means totally different products available in the fresh fish department at the grocery, but after having local fresh haddock for so many years, i simply cannot bring myself to buy fresh haddock from china....china???  isn't that a lot further away than new england?  

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  1. I think it takes a lot of patience to make all of the triangles required for an Ocean Waves quilt. I am curious to see it in your solids. Are the blocks a mix of colors within the block?
    Oh, that seems crazy to buy "fresh" fish from China so close to New England!