Friday, June 30, 2017


while catching up on the antics of francis and clair underwood (house of cards),  just about finished my ocean waves top....all i can think of is stained glass...needs a final press...i hate to iron much when there are so many bias edges...but it's safe now.   this was a great finish all the way around....the top finally got done....except for a 2.5" charcoal border....

an empty UFO drawer.....

and this gap on the stash shelf.....there used to be 2 piles of solids, now only one...if this keeps up, may have to consider some replenishment....but i think i'm good for a!

saying goodby to june 2017 was my parents' wedding anniversary and imagine mom is knee deep in memories of that day,  my dad and their hopes and dreams for the future...they made a beautiful couple....inside and out.....


  1. It is beautiful! I hope you are going to hand quilt this beauty! And holes in the cupboard are so much fun to fill! Happy 4th!

    1. yes indeed...hand quilted with aurifil 28 wt in charcoal....

  2. Gorgeous finish, Grace. It really glows!
    What a sweet photo and tribute.

  3. hey Grace your quilt looks good...........

  4. Beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing. I just love this quilt!

  5. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing your family photo.

  6. Beautiful couple!! Nice quilt too.

  7. What a wonderful wedding photo! Your mother's bouquet is beautiful. And the quilt is coming along well. As for House of Cards--I await the DVD version of the latest season and then I'll binge-watch it. (I saw the first episodes on the long, long, long flight to Australia in 2014 and have kept up pretty well since then.)