Friday, May 5, 2017

something new

since recently busted a fair amount of yardage, pulled out this pattern and started sewing up something colorful for my door.  the blue narrow piece is from the "row by row" fabric collection and with the little boats was just perfect.  first i auditioned yellow for the letters, but they didn't stand out enough so orange did the trick.  the boats are a batik and my lobster print was perfect for the background.  the vertical design of the center square makes it look a bit wonky, so the jury is still out but i love the colors....anyway, it's a work in progress

normally red/white/blue is my go-to combo for summer, but i've a couple of things planned for those colors and thought the warm tones would evoke summer more of my solid bow ties done and have another wallhanging UFO half quilted, so stash busting continues here during this short spell of rainy weather.   also putting together my "bargain basement" from bonnie hunter's book "scraps and shirttails", a pattern i've not seen widely used.  she used a lot of dark plaids in hers whereas i've chosen a greater amount of lighter plaids--anxious to get the top finished and have a good look.   ***  been in kind of a blue funk past week or so for a lot of reasons, but ventured out to guild last night and it helped chase away the poor me syndrome.  the budget--or lack thereof--is a huge wearing concern with few options for solving.  but since i'm blessed in many ways, not the least of which is sewing materials, hope to keep mind occupied and gray matter humming....


  1. Very sweet, but "Summer"?? I'm still waiting for Spring - wink!

  2. Who would not get a smile on their face if this greeted them at the door?
    I'll have to go look up "Bargain Basement" in the book to see what you are making there.
    Glad you got out to guild. You are wise to count your blessings.