Thursday, May 4, 2017

recent finishes...

2017 means i've been quilting now for 38 years and it appears have finally learned how to make log cabins....not without my trusty cheat sheet's a photo of the scrappy flimsy recently donated to disaster relief to finish and get outta my UFO pile...

the blocks finished at 7.5" and made hardly a dent in my strip tote--guess i'll have to make a couple more.   streak of lightning is one of my fave settings, that and courthouse steps.

and another UFO that got finished and donated is the westering women sew-along.  both of these busted 7.25 yards.  two other items--lap robe and doll quilt swap--busted another 3.5 yards, so definitely on the downward slope

these 2 photos were taken with my phone, so colors and lighting not optimal but you get the idea.  *** another summer day has dawned and the laundry pile awaits....


  1. Wow! Both are fantastic. Good for you for busting fabrics. I seem to adding faster than I'm using!

  2. Both are beautiful! I love your use of color in both.

  3. A beautiful log cabin! Good of you to donate your work so freely.
    Whether it is black and cheddar or navy and cheddar (hard to tell from the photo, and I can't recall from previous posts), it is a very striking color combo.

  4. What size are the strips and blocks in your log cabin quilt. I just love it! I read you all the time and can hardly believe how much you get done. I wish I was as productive.

  5. the strips are 1.5" unfinished and blocks 8" unf... i wasn't always this productive, back in the days when i had 2-3 jobs not much got sewn, but now i have the luxury of sewing every day and sometimes starting early makes me feel rich....