Friday, March 10, 2017

super stars!

the wednesday guild had a workshop the other day and it was fun to go and sew with some quilty peeps.  the big blocks were perfect for some large prints, so ran to my kaffe pile to pull some lights and darks and had just enough of this celery green solid for the background.   working with these bright colors certainly revs up my sewing mojo.  wanted to get it to the flimsy stage and avoid another bag/box UFO.  when finished, it'll hang on one of my neutral walls for a wow splash of color.   the large pieces in the blocks are ideal for hand quilting.   fun to use up some fabric that had been hoarding for that "someday", and the title?  describes kaffe perfectly i think!   ***  was spring here but today a taste of winter with a few flurries and now a week ahead of very cold temps and perhaps even a more substantial storm.  nice to know that most of my activities are of the "want to" kind, so can opt to stay home and sew if desired. and now that the old viking has had some play time, no doubt she'll want more as she's been sorely neglected for far too long.  oh, i think i hear her calling me now.....


  1. What a great showcase for those Kaffe prints! Really allows them to "shine"!
    Now you are getting winter? So sorry.

  2. I'm slow...I'm really commenting on your previous post. A couple of weeks ago we were visiting in our son's church. A beautiful, very slim woman between 50 and 60 came in. She was very stylishly dressed and sat by a couple she knew really well. She was blonde and wore an expensive looking wedding ring. Then I saw her hands. Her gnarled, rheumatoid arthritic hands. I was so sad to think of the years of pain she has suffered with her hands and who know how many other joints. You just cannot tell from first appearances who is suffering from what problems life gives to each of us. No one escapes problems.

    I'm happy you escaped your marriage since it wasn't a good one. I'm sorry about your botched surgery, too. I've been there, done that. Thank goodness we have quilting, friends, family, humor and so much else to let us live happy lives!

    1. thank you for is true that everyone has something...

  3. Your super stars are beautiful!

  4. Enjoy that time with your Viking, Super Stars definitely lives up to her name, it will be a super pretty quilt. Stay warm, my friend. We have been thrust back into the tundra too!