Saturday, March 4, 2017

not quilt related....for the fat police

An elderly man was walking through a park and saw a little boy with eight candy bars sitting on a bench. As the boy finished the last one, the man said, "You shouldn't eat all those candy bars, son, it'll make you sick." The boy said, "Sir, my grandfather lived to be one-hundred-and-nine years old..." The man asked, "And did he eat eight candy bars a day?" "No," replied the boy, "But he minded his own business!"

this was sent to me as a joke but if you are on the "fluffy" side--aka fat---then it is a battle cry.  self-appointed do-gooders to the fat population are always lurking, nutritional advice and tsk tsk always rolling off their tongues.   we all know who the fat people are; so many times i feel quite thankful for being quite healthy considering my shape and silently mourn for those who are not.  most of my health issues stem from the botched surgery in 2010....i could brag about my lab numbers but i won't. my diet is pretty healthy but does include some junk food, for which i harbor no guilt.  i'll never be a twiggy, have a ballerina's or gymnast's physique.  i seldom require medical attention--a lot less than some thin people for sure.  so consider this a word to all you who think you are doing society a favor....

and today celebrating my non-anniversary....a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, i stupidly married the absolute wrong man on this auspicious day.  after 11 terrible years, a saint intervened and was soon shed of this mistake.  so now i celebrate this day with glee....


  1. Good for you! I too weigh far more than I should and have had people look at what I order at a restaurant and say that it wasn't the best choice or tell the waitress that we don't want dessert without even asking me. I too am extremely healthy. I had lab work yesterday and was told that my numbers look like I am 40 not 70. I figure all fat people know that they are fat and don't need anyone else to tell them. I am tired of fat shaming.

  2. I just think people need to shut their mouths about others physical anything. Too fat, too thin, can't see worth a crap. Just value them for their human value!