Thursday, February 16, 2017

spring already???

at the PO the other day, spied this....a large forsythia shrub just starting to bloom...and this wasn't the first forsythia i'd seen in bloom either....that's what our winter has been i miss snow?  not a whit!  haven't cleaned the car off once either....still out of commission with a particularly horrid bronchitis that is improving a bit at a time and nowhere near fast enough for me.   my machine gals miss me and i miss them, although i've been doing a bit of hand quilting.....back to baseline soon i hope....


  1. Hugs. Hope you're completely better very soon.

  2. I think winter forgot to happen here where I live. It does feel more like spring. I'll have to keep an eye on the forsythia bushes we have out back. I hope your bronchitis soon clears up and you are well again. I wanted to mention how beautiful the blocks are in your blog header photo!

  3. As you are surely aware winter is here........what have your temperatures been? Hoping you feel back to yourself soon.

    1. temps have run anywhere from mid 20s to low 60s...see saw....

  4. Sometimes it is really hard to shake off a bad case of bronchitis. Hope you feel better really soon!
    At least you aren't dealing with bronchitis AND snow. : )

  5. Yikes! I'm not quite ready for spring. Hope you feel better soon.